Journal Overview

The Interdisciplinary Journal of Linguistics, Marketing, and Communication (IJLMC) is a reputable, peer-reviewed international journal published to explore and disseminate original research articles, reviews, and scholarly contributions in the fields of linguistics, marketing, and communication. The journal operates at the nexus of these diverse disciplines, fostering a platform for interdisciplinary research and knowledge exchange. IJLMC is committed to advancing the understanding of the intricate relationships between language, marketing practices, and effective communication strategies. IJLMC is widely recognized and indexed in reputable databases such as Scientific Journal Impact Factor, Google Scholar, Indexcopernicus, Social Science Research Network (SSRN) by Elsevier,, OpenAir, and other prestigious databases.

Aim and Scope

IJLMC aims to promote a holistic understanding of linguistics, marketing, and communication by welcoming submissions that cover a wide range of topics, including, but not limited to:


  1. Sociolinguistics
  2. Psycholinguistics
  3. Applied linguistics
  4. Language acquisition and learning
  5. Discourse analysis
  6. Computational linguistics
  7. Linguistic diversity and language preservation
  8. Language and identity


  1. Consumer behavior
  2. Branding and brand management
  3. Market segmentation and targeting
  4. Digital marketing and social media
  5. Marketing analytics and big data
  6. Marketing ethics and social responsibility
  7. Marketing communication strategies
  8. Global marketing and international business


  1. Media studies
  2. Corporate communication
  3. Public relations
  4. Interpersonal communication
  5. Mass communication
  6. Visual communication
  7. Health communication
  8. Intercultural communication

IJLMC seeks to provide a space for interdisciplinary research that explores the intersections and synergies among linguistics, marketing, and communication. The journal encourages innovative approaches and cross-disciplinary collaborations to unravel the complexities of language use and communication in marketing contexts.

Journal Impact

IJLMC has established itself as a leading journal in the intersecting fields of linguistics, marketing, and communication. It has gained recognition for its high-quality research publications, making a significant impact on the academic and professional communities. The journal's reputation is reflected in its strong citation metrics, showcasing its influence within the academic landscape. The Journal have an impressive impact factor of 6.73 as measured by the Scientific Journal Impact Factor (SJIF), reflecting its influence and significance in the 

Submission Guidelines

The journal invites submissions from scholars, researchers, and practitioners worldwide. Authors can submit their manuscripts through the journal's online submission system. Detailed guidelines are provided on the journal's website to facilitate the submission process and ensure adherence to the publication standards.

Review Process

To maintain the integrity and rigor of its publications, IJLMC employs a single-blind peer-review process. This ensures the anonymity of both the authors and reviewers, promoting impartial evaluations and constructive feedback. The review process aims to uphold the scholarly excellence and relevance of the research published in the journal.

Publication Process

Upon acceptance, manuscripts undergo meticulous editing and typesetting to ensure clarity and consistency. The final version of the article is then published both online and in the printed edition of the journal, providing wider accessibility to the academic community.

Impact of the Journal

IJLMC has played a pivotal role in advancing knowledge and understanding within linguistics, marketing, and communication. By facilitating interdisciplinary research, the journal has contributed to innovative insights and practical applications in areas such as language-driven marketing strategies, effective communication campaigns, and cultural adaptation in international marketing. Scholars, marketers, and communication practitioners widely benefit from the wealth of knowledge and expertise disseminated through IJLMC's publications.

As IJLMC continues to promote interdisciplinary research and foster collaborations among linguists, marketers, and communication experts, it remains committed to elevating the fields of linguistics, marketing, and communication and addressing the dynamic challenges and opportunities in these interconnected domains.