Publication Fee

SADI Journal charges a minimal fee of $40 as an article processing fee for each accepted article. This publication fee is designed to cover various essential aspects of the publication process and helps support the quality and accessibility of our journal. The fee contributes to the following services and expenses:

  1. Editorial Services: The publication fee helps cover the costs associated with the editorial team's efforts, including manuscript handling, peer review coordination, and editorial support throughout the publication process.

  2. Manuscript Formatting and Typesetting: Our team ensures that accepted articles are professionally formatted, ensuring consistency and adherence to journal guidelines. The publication fee helps cover the expenses related to typesetting, layout design, and overall presentation of the article.

  3. Digital Preservation and Archiving: SADI Journal is committed to preserving and archiving scholarly content for long-term accessibility. The publication fee contributes to maintaining a robust digital infrastructure to ensure the availability and persistence of published articles.

  4. Open Access Publication: SADI Journal follows an open access model, making all published articles freely available to readers worldwide. The publication fee aids in covering the costs associated with hosting the journal's website, managing online platforms, and ensuring broad dissemination of research findings without subscription barriers.

  5. Editorial Support and Quality Control: SADI Journal strives to provide authors with a seamless publication experience. The publication fee helps support the editorial team's efforts in providing comprehensive support, addressing author inquiries, and maintaining the overall quality and integrity of the published content.

  6. Indexing: The publication fee also contributes to the process of indexing the articles published in SADI Journal. Indexing is an important step that increases the visibility and discoverability of the research within relevant academic databases, search engines, and indexing services. By investing in indexing services, the publication fee helps ensure that the accepted articles are indexed and cataloged appropriately, making them more accessible and increasing their potential impact within the scholarly community. This enhances the reach of the published research and improves its chances of being discovered and cited by other researchers in the field.
  7. Issuance of DOI: The publication fee covers the cost associated with the issuance of a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) for each published article in SADI Journal. A DOI is a unique alphanumeric identifier assigned to an article, providing a persistent link to its online location. DOI registration ensures the long-term accessibility and citability of the published work. By allocating resources towards DOI issuance, the publication fee ensures that each article published in SADI Journal receives a unique identifier, facilitating accurate referencing and promoting the integrity and visibility of the research

It is important to note that SADI Journal operates on a non-profit basis, and the minimal publication fee is solely intended to cover the essential expenses associated with the publication process. We are committed to ensuring transparency and providing affordable access to high-quality interdisciplinary research.

We appreciate your understanding and support of our publication fee, as it directly contributes to sustaining the journal's operations and fostering an open and accessible scholarly community.

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding the publication fee or any other aspect of the submission process, please do not hesitate to contact our us on Phone: +1 (323) 607 0946 ; Email:, Click here to chat with us on Whatsapp