1. Submission: Authors submit their manuscripts to SADI Journals through the designated submission portal.

  2. Initial Screening Process: The submitted manuscripts undergo an initial screening process to ensure they meet the basic requirements outlined in the publication policy and submission guideline. Manuscripts that meet the criteria proceed to the peer review process.

  3. Peer Review Process: The manuscripts are sent to expert reviewers within the relevant field. The reviewers thoroughly evaluate the manuscripts, assessing their quality, originality, methodology, and significance. They provide constructive feedback and recommendations to the editors.

  4. Decision: Based on the reviewers' feedback and recommendations, the editors make a decision regarding the acceptance, rejection, or need for revisions of the manuscripts. Some manuscripts that meet the basic requirements in the publication policy may be accepted for publication without major revisions.

  5. Revision Process: If revisions are required, the authors are notified and given the opportunity to address the reviewers' comments and suggestions. The revised manuscripts are then resubmitted for further evaluation.

  6. Final Decision: After the revision process, the editors make a final decision based on the revised manuscript and the authors' response to the reviewers' comments.

  7. Copyediting & Proofreading: Once the manuscript is accepted and all neccessary processing fees are duly complied with, it undergoes a copyediting and proofreading phase. This ensures the accuracy, clarity, and consistency of the language and formatting.

  8. Article Publication: After the copyediting and proofreading, the accepted and finalized manuscript is published in the relevant journal and issue within 72 hours