Journal Overview

SADI Journal of Economics and Social Sciences (SJESS) is a distinguished peer-reviewed international journal published by the Scientific and Academic Development Institute (SADI). The journal serves as a platform for the dissemination of cutting-edge research articles, reviews, and short communications in the fields of economics and social sciences. SJESS is widely recognized and indexed in reputable databases such as Scientific Journal Impact Factor, Google Scholar, Indexcopernicus, Social Science Research Network (SSRN) by Elsevier,, OpenAir, and other prestigious databases.

Aim and Scope

SJESS aims to foster the advancement of knowledge and understanding in the areas of economics and social sciences. The journal welcomes high-quality submissions that cover a diverse range of topics, including but not limited to:

  1. Economic theory and models
  2. Microeconomics and macroeconomics
  3. Development economics
  4. International trade and finance
  5. Behavioral economics
  6. Public policy and governance
  7. Social and cultural studies
  8. Sociology and anthropology
  9. Political science and international relations
  10. Human geography
  11. Demography and population studies
  12. Social psychology
  13. Education and human development
  14. Health and well-being
  15. Urban and rural studies

SJESS is committed to publishing research that holds relevance for policymakers, practitioners, academics, and the wider public. The journal encourages interdisciplinary research and seeks to facilitate the exchange of ideas between researchers from various disciplines within the realms of economics and social sciences.

Journal Impact

SJESS has garnered a notable impact and recognition within the fields of economics and social sciences. The journal boasts an impressive impact factor of 6.18, as measured by the Scientific Journal Impact Factor (SJIF), reflecting its influence and significance in the academic community.

Submission Guidelines

SJESS warmly welcomes submissions from scholars, researchers, and professionals from all around the world. Authors are invited to submit their manuscripts through the journal's user-friendly online submission system, where they can find comprehensive guidelines to facilitate the submission process.

Review Process

To maintain the highest standards of scholarship, all submissions to SJESS undergo a rigorous peer-review process. The journal employs a single-blind review system, preserving the confidentiality of both authors and reviewers, to ensure fair and impartial evaluation of the manuscripts.

Publication Process

Upon acceptance, manuscripts are meticulously copyedited and typeset to uphold the quality and clarity of the content. Once the final version is ready, articles are published online, ensuring rapid dissemination, and also made available in the printed edition of the journal.

Impact of the Journal

SJESS has made substantial contributions to the fields of economics and social sciences by publishing groundbreaking research that addresses contemporary challenges and opportunities. The journal's publications have proven instrumental in informing policymakers, practitioners, and the public about pertinent issues within these disciplines. Furthermore, SJESS has been an advocate for interdisciplinary collaboration, thus facilitating comprehensive and holistic research on the complex interplay between economics and various aspects of society.